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Who We Are

Multicultural Parenting is an organization that helps parents raise their children with a better understanding and appreciation of their cultural heritage. Whether it’s a blend of ethnicities, religions, or lifestyles, we believe that by actively incorporating culture into daily family life, children will gain a stronger sense of identity and self-worth.

We provide parents with resources, inspiration, and real-life experiences to help them navigate their own paths in raising multicultural children.

Our goals are to guide parents of multicultural children to celebrate their cultures with everyday living, educate their children about their cultures with purposeful teaching, and have their families participate in cultural communities. 

Meet the Founder

I’m Erika Sargent, a half-Japanese, half-caucasian girl that was born in Hawaii and raised in Japan and Texas. I’m fluent in English and Portuguese and between high school and college studied over five years of Spanish. To say that I’m a cultural melting pot is an understatement and growing up I didn’t know which cultural group I really “belonged” with.

If it was confusing for me, I can only imagine what my daughters will go through as they now have a dad of Danish descent that’s fluent in Spanish and whose family lived eight years abroad in Europe.

After giving birth to my daughters, M and L, I decided that I wanted to deliberately raise them to appreciate their cultural background. By living key elements from the cultures we were raised in and working to better understand our own family background, my husband and I hope that they can appreciate and embrace their unique cultural heritage.

I’m here to learn just as much as I’m here to share what I’ve learned. There’s no manual for being a parent, let alone being a parent of a multicultural child, but I hope that this organization and website can be an introduction to that celebration of culture within the home.

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